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What is somatics?


I am not dancing to entertain.  Dancing is a practice of attunement. I simultaneously recieve the world and fabricate my interpretation, rooted in my changing philosophies about who I am and how I came to be.  

I turn to the body as a medium, to ground in my senses, my movement and my perception of the world around me. 

In this way, dance has integrative and curative capabilities.

 In practice

What is somatic transformative art?


I am fascinated by the connection between our emotional/cognitive selves and our physical selves. 

Weight - contact improv: come closer to recieve less - move away to take more.


When the illusory boundary between 

syntehsize concepts and practices from diverse modalities,

build supportive inner and outer relationship.

carrying forward ritual that supports artistic expression and sanctity, that allows us to traverse the worlds of movement and body story to emerge with language and embodiment that is wise and rooted in our selves.

We all are embodied beings.  No living being is without a body. In counseling sessions I use simple body-based checking-in practices to strengthen clients’ ability to notice their experience moment by moment.

Our bodies  offer lots of information and expression about our lived reality. 

I am also a teacher and have seen how people grow in a loving, empathic environment. We have to be open in order to integrate insight. Thus, my goal is to co-create a safe container with clients. The methods I use in somatic sessions are largely from Hakomi (a somatic psychotherapy practice in mindful self-study) and Body Tales (an improvisational weaving of personal storytelling with movement and sound).

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