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About Lucy

I identify as a bi-cultural, queer, cis-woman (she), artist. I am white. I was born in the Midwest to radical leftist parents. I loved dancing and still do now.

I learned to adapt and assimilate at a young age because we moved to Mexico City when I was seven years old.  I made life-long friends, and in my early teens I took art and dance classes. My return to the US  was particularly painful; the seeds of my understanding of grief and loss were sown during this time.

In my early 20s I served as an interpreter of a Dance Movement Therapy workshop for grade-school teachers and fell hard in-love with the body as a source of wisdom.

Art, embodiment and movement help me find myself. They heal my relationship to my body, soothe my despair in the face of senseless tragedy, guide me towards meaning, teach me that pleasure is at the root of our connection to ourselves and the world. I am passionate about accompanying others in their healing.

Education + Training

Transformative Arts

MA, John F Kennedy University

Body Tales – Certified Teacher

Authentic Movement

Somatic Psychology

Certified Hakomi Practitioner

Somatic Practice: Touch Skills 1 and Coupling Dynamics

Re-Creation of the Self: Advanced Tutorial

Body Wisdom Psychotherapy: 9-month training

Graduate courses in Somatic Psychology at JFKU

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