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my approach

My goal is to assist you to reconnect with your innate beauty and creativity.

Understanding and honoring ourselves is really important: when we are able to need what we need, love what we love and be seen, we can connect to our aliveness and unapologetically be who we are.
Through somatic work we get in touch with what you are longing for and work together to manifest your deep yearnings, such as healthy relationships, or a sense of connection, of freedom, of being seen and heard, or getting the support you need to grieve and heal.
I like to collaborate creatively with clients, to awaken playful curiosity and support the cultivation of self-compassion.  Together we set doable goals and find gentle steps to bring you into alignment with who you are.

inbetweener, lucy beazley 

about Hakomi

Hakomi is a mindfulness-based assisted self-study method grounded in five core principles: body-mind holism, mindfulness, non-violence, unity and organicity. Through experiential, present moment, compassionate inner exploration we create the conditions for gentle and deep transformation of unconsciously held limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. 

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