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In session we co-create a safe space for exploration and healing. I love helping people identify their resources and finding creative ways to strengthen access to creativity. I like to support practices that cultivate access to bodily experience and knowing.  Sessions can include a focus on embodiment, movement and touch, as well as the relationship between us.

a transformative relationship

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individual hakomi
private 50 - 60 min. session

A typical Hakomi session includes checking-in, then exploring a theme in mindfulness, sensing your current experience in detail.  This often brings new perspectives that we talk about before ending the session.

individual somatic transformative arts
private 80 - 90 min. session

Using a combination of Body Tales and Hakomi as our framework, lengthier sessions allow for a focus on art and expression, on embodiment, on movement and sound, and invite in creativity as a healing force. 

monthly group practice,
* on pause *
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