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somatic transformative arts series for
body based integration

In this class series for body-based integration, we co-create a safe space for healing and expression through improvisational movement and personal story-telling practices that cultivate access to our bodily experience and knowing.

  • Strengthen body awareness

  • Follow impulses for movement and sound

  • Explore body-based knowing 

  • Integrate experiences by connecting cognitive processes with non-cognitive ones

  • Tell your stories

The class combines movement and somatic modalities to strengthen our relationship with our impulses and sensations.  Body-based ways of knowing support understanding ourselves and our experience of being alive.  The classes are accessible, playful and also rich/deep. The work is based in Body Tales, a combination of improvised personal storytelling with movement and sound. Participants are grateful for the integration the work brings to their life.  They also get in touch with essential parts of their selves  and experience "aha's!" that bring clarity and grounding.


Modalities referenced include:

Authentic Movement

Body Tales


Somatic Experiencing


Contact Improvisation

Axis Syllabus

Location: Mooluz Arts studio, in Temescal

By application only. This is an experiential class. No movement/dance experience is necessary. All ages, genders, agility levels and body sizes are welcome.

For inquiries email to

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