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foliage  lucy beazley 

Inhabiting our bodies for creative healing and expression.

about Body Tales

Body Tales® is a creative and healing practice created by Olivia Corson that integrates movement, voice and personal storytelling. This unique form combines elements of dance, theater and expressive arts, and encourages and supports an embodied value system in which the well-being of the Earth is central.  

Body Tales and me

In my personal practice and work with others, body tales serves as a therapeutic and artistic modality that offers body-based healing and integration.  

Sensing ourselves

Cultivating body awareness with intentional curiosity, encouragement and gratitude, can help connect us to our aliveness as well as fosters understanding of the knowledge our physical bodies possess. At a cellular level we 'know' how to heal a cut in our skin, or digest food, or hold our tissues together, while keeping necessary separations.  Our bodies are complex self-contained interdependent systems, that host a plethora of non-human cells, all teeming with implicit and dynamic knowing.


Expressive embodiment, intentional touch, intuitive movement and sound improvisation practices strengthen our capacity for touch, movement and sound, all three of which precede spoken language in our personal development and our development as a species.  These primal languages carry a wealth of somatic information.


The mutual support and informing between our soma - the experience of our body from within - and our cognitive knowing - our thoughts and words - can help bring inspiring insight, or support coherent action, or allow for deep nourishment, or assist in metabolizing and integrating our experiences, not to mention guiding us into much needed rest. 

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