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Guiding principles

Transformative Art is the practice of creativity in the service of healing and transformation.  Making art  - envisioning, producing, collaborating, viewing - brings opportunities for growth and healing.  Transformative Art aims to reap the benefits inherit in making art, which helps us strengthen our connection to the world, ourselves, and each other.  

Making art


making meaning.

Embodiment is the practice of bringing awareness to our bodily sensations, our thoughts and emotions.

We are alive through our bodies; being embodied is central to all living processes. Our bodies are not merely passive containers that serve the needs of our minds: our physical form is the result of millions of years of evolution, an intricate intelligence of dynamic form and complex interconnected systems.

Throughout our lifetime we are engaged in a perpetual dance of becoming.

The boundary between body and mind is illusory: they are inseparable.

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